Seminar Flyers

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There are two types of documents called seminar flyers:

  1. Flyers can be used to help generate interest in attending a seminar or other meeting. Seminars may cover a wide variety of topics, such as tax law, real estate sales or general sales motivation.   In addition, there are specialty seminars which expound on the virtues of yoga, train doctors on the details of a medical procedure or educate students on how to improve test scores.  One thing all seminars share in common is that they must be promoted in order to achieve full attendance.  Promotional flyers and posters are one important tool to generate interest.  Using attractive graphic design and printing is very important for this type of flyer as it must catch the reader's eye.
  2. In addition to promotion, flyers are also handed out to reinforce the education or training taking place at the seminar itself.  In other words, flyers are a key part of the educational process and will reinforce the message of each speaker.  This type of flyer may contain the actual text of the speech or they can contain charts, graphs, tables or other graphic representations of key points the speaker makes.  Using attractive colors, strong fonts and graphics for these flyers will help drive the message home.

Seminar flyers come in a variety of sizes.  Standard flyer sizes include 8.5x11, 8.5x14, 11x17, 12x18,  and 8.5x5.5;  there are also many custom sizes available. offers all of these flyer sizes and a variety of paper stocks to choose from.  We can also help with flyer design if you need it!

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