Custom Note Cards

Custom Flat Note Cards

Custom flat note cards are best used where this is a limited amount of information to convey. They work great as birth announcements, baby shower announcements or wedding invitations. Flat note cards also work for short business notes. We offer this item in 3 convenient sizes--A2, A6 and A7. Be sure to choose either a vertical or horizontal layout.

Although personalized flat note cards are frequently used as announcement cards, they can also be effective as either personal or company stationery, so long as hand written notes are short. Either way, create a design which reflects who you are and suits your image. The experts at can help with a design if you need it.

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Custom Folded Note Cards

Custom folded note cards give you plenty of room to write a message inside, and even on the back! They can be very useful as thank you notes, greeting cards or any type of card where you have a lot to say. We offer folded note cards in 3 convenient sizes.

Custom folded note cards can be used as personal stationery for short notes or letters, for thank you notes or for notes to customers in a business setting. Whether your cards are art cards or for business, using personalized folded note cards rather than email shows that a topic is important to you and that you care. In the age of electronic communication, hand written notes will get noticed! Design note cards that fit with your personality or business image. Ask the experts at for help if you need it!

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Custom note cards allow you to express yourself in style with handwritten notes to friends, colleagues and business associates. Personalized note cards will solidify your image as a professional business and represent you well when you have personal correspondence.

One important choice when ordering note cards is whether you want a flat or a folded note card. Also, decide whether you want printed envelopes, blank envelopes or no envelopes with your cards. To order printed envelopes, please go to the invitation envelopes section and be sure to order the right size!

Custom note cards are used for thank you notes, personal stationery, invitations, sales call follow ups, birth or wedding announcements, and for personal messaging. In today’s digital world, your handwritten note card will get noticed! Business associates and friends know it takes a lot more effort to express yourself this way, so your card will have a strong impact. Whether for personal or professional use, be sure your note card is designed well and reflects your personality! Ask the experts at for help if you need it!