Carbonless Forms


Custom carbonless forms are a quick and easy way to record a sale, provide a receipt, or document a purchase. Carbonless form printing gives you the forms you need at a price you love!

Carbonless Forms: The Basics

Carbonless forms, also called No Carbon Required forms or NCR forms, have multiple parts, one for each person or office involved. Carbonless forms document transactions quickly, and they are also great marketing opportunities.

Two-part NCR forms have white and yellow pages, and three-part NCR forms have white, yellow, and pink pages. They are especially handy when handling a high volume of transactions quickly, as employees can fill out one form and the copies are made automatically.

Here at ZoePrint, we offer carbonless form printing in one or two ink colors, so make sure your artwork is color separated for offset printing. This will make the printing process easy so that you can get your NCR forms in no time!

Carbonless Order Forms

Printing your own carbonless order forms makes processing orders simple. On a customized order form, you can include the exact items and services you offer, so both employees and customers can see exactly which services to choose from.

Before printing your order forms, plan ahead. Think about who will need copies of the order, as this will influence whether you choose to print two-part or three-part forms. As well, be sure to include your contact information to promote future sales.

Carbonless Invoice Forms

Carbonless invoice forms help both your accounting department and your customers. By immediately creating multiple copies of the invoice, you can keep one and let the client have one as well. NCR forms are quick and easy to use and require no software or electricity, so there’s no need to type up or email invoices.

When designing your invoice forms, make sure to include your company branding. Every interaction someone has with your company is a chance for them to develop a good relationship with your brand, so include your name, logo, and slogan on your invoice forms.

Carbonless Repair Forms

Repair forms are handy tools for both repair technicians and customers. A well-designed repair form provides a clear record of which services were provided.

When printing your repair forms, consider whether you’d like to print with black ink or in color. You can choose between printing with only black ink, one spot color, black and one spot color, or two spot colors. This gives you some flexibility to highlight various sections of your repair form or include your logo in color.

Carbonless Packing Slips

Packing slips help both businesses and customers know which items are being sent. Carbonless packing slips help everyone stay on the same page.

When printing carbonless packing slips, choose the paper size that works best for you. Depending on the size of customers’ orders and the size of shipments, smaller 5.5x8.5 forms might be a better fit than larger 8.5x11 forms. The best size form depends on what will work best for your business, so know that you have options.

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