7 Creative Ways to Use a Restaurant Business Card

restaurant business cards


Restaurant business cards are an important means of connecting with prospective customers. Business cards are often seen by customers as a visual representation of your company’s brand and identity, and should thus be informative and eye-catching.

However, many restaurant business cards are not striking enough to catch the eye of a prospective customer. We will explore seven creative ways to use a restaurant business card in a way that will make it stand out!

Attract New Customers With These Restaurant Business Card Ideas.

1. Loyalty Punch Card

Loyalty punch cards can be printed on the back of business cards. Whether they get a discount, a free meal, or a free drink, they are a great way to get customers excited about your restaurant. Not only will the customer keep the card for a long time, but they are also more likely to come back to your restaurant for more.

2. Mini Menu

A small menu on the back of your card is a great way to showcase what kind of food you offer, especially if it isn’t clear what kind of food you serve based on the name of your restaurant. People are more likely to eat at your restaurant if they know what you serve. It’s a simple, but nice way of advertising your menu options, while also sharing your business card - killing two birds with one stone!

3. Map

Maps can be a fun, eye-catching way of attracting people to your restaurant’s business card. Because of the small stature of a business card, the map doesn’t have to be detailed. However, cross streets and landmarks can give the customer a general idea of your restaurant’s location. On the other hand, if your restaurant has multiple locations, you can show where those locations are on a less detailed map of the state or country.

4. QR Code

QR codes are a fun, simple way to advertise your business. If a customer scans a QR code on the back of your restaurant business card, a website is automatically pulled up on their mobile device. It is a quick and easy way for customers to see your restaurant’s website, where they automatically have access to your menu, locations, and any additional information found on your website.

5. Coupon Certificate

Similar to loyalty punch cards, if coupons are placed on the back of your business card, customers are more likely to carry your card for a long time. They are also more likely to come back to your restaurant to use the coupon. Simply put, people love discounts and will want to take your business card if it includes something that benefits them.

6. Magnet

Making your business card a magnet gives the card a multifunctional use that will make it more likely for customers to not only take your card but to keep it for a long time. Most people put magnets on their refrigerators along with pictures, grocery lists, and other things they need. Staring at your company’s card on their refrigerator will remind people of your restaurant, and encourage them to come back again.

7. Augmented Reality

Augmented realityis a relatively new technology that creates a 3D image in a digital camera by scanning the business card, allowing people to see a fun version of your business card. You can create a 3D image of your restaurant, food items, or simply a fun 3D version of your business card.

Create Your Restaurant’s Business Card!

There are many ways to create double-uses for your restaurant’s business cards. However, there are other important factors to consider when making an effective card, such as size, color, and other details that might be dependent on where the restaurant is located.

No matter what unique spin you decide to put on your restaurant’s business card, here at ZoePrint, we provide cheap printing services. If you are interested in printing business cards for your restaurant, contact ZoePrint today for an instant quote!